About Us

Based in Jamaica, Languesol International is an online consultancy firm specialized in the organisation of language trips to Jamaica and overseas. 

Never before has the need to learn a foreign language been so important to individuals embarking on a new career path or for businesses looking to expand geographically. 

Therefore, to meet this need LANGUESOL INTERNATIONAL, in cooperation with its partners, proposes solutions for stays that are both culturally and linguistically rich. 

Come and learn english in Jamaica with Languesol International while staying with a host family and discovering our vibrant culture!


Contactez-nous pour apprendre anglais en Jamaique en famille d'accueil.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros para aprender inglés en Jamaica  en una familia de acogida.


Meet our Founder

Rhody-Ann THORPE

Rhody-Ann is a jamaican who has lived for over 5 years in France. She has obtained qualifications in Politics and International Cooperation and she is a teaching management and instructional design expert. Her almost-native level of French has allowed her to liaise with both private and public French institutions  to organise language trips to Jamaica and overseas since 2012. Rhody-Ann believes in a world without language barriers and is happy to contribute to that dream through the services her company provides.